Valentine's Day Spotlight: Incredible Couple Finally Plans Wedding Reception of Their Dreams

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of Valentine's Day, we wanted to feature an incredible couple we recently had a privilege meeting, and their tale of how love conquers all. We first met Cynthia and Luis at one of our recent photo shoots with Jennifer Claire Photography and they captured our hearts by not only their genuineness and kindness, but also by their story.

Cynthia shared with us that, "Luis and I met at Grammar school and went to high school together. But after high school our friendship fell apart. One summer day we ran into each other and after that day have been together happily ever after. We have been together for 11 years and married 8 years with two beautiful daughters."

While happily married, they had originally been married in a courthouse, with no ceremony or wedding reception to celebrate. However, Cynthia stated that, "In 2006... Luis was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis)... and when 2015 came and we faced another diagnosis and Luis was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. But that doesn't stop him or our love for each other." As the couple is not sure what is in store for them, or if Luis' condition will deteriorate, they are finally planning the long-awaited wedding reception of their dreams. The pictures from our shoot below will serve as their Save the Date pictures.

Stories like this are why we love what we do! Each couple is remarkable and each tale of love is unique... we can't help but love being a small part of their story, and participating in the celebration of their love for one another!