Jen's Baby Shower

This past weekend Dotted Events helped organize and coordinate a beautiful baby shower for a lovely woman named Jen, and her husband Brian. Jen's mother-in-law, Linda, and sister-in-law, Donna, were the passionate brains behind the event, and really wanted to make the day extremely special for the mother-to-be. Many others also came together to make the celebration as grand as it was!

The room was adorned in a light lavender, with pops of silver and pink. Baby Zara is due in March, around the time spring should be arriving, so the lightness of the colors were perfectly suiting for this springtime bundle of joy.

The celebration was extremely personalized. As Jen is Filipino, and her husband Brian is American, both cultural traditions were represented. The food included some Chicago favorites: Italian beef sandwiches and pasta, along with some Filipino favorites: pancit, which is a rice noodle-based dish, and egg rolls. The dessert buffet boasted cake, mini sweets and turon, which is a fried banana dessert - keep a good 10 feet from that if you don't want to be tempted to eat a whole plate full!. Talk about some scrumptious fare! As family is very important in Filipino culture, men and women alike were invited to the celebration, and about 40 people gathered to share in the festivities.

To close out the event, Jen shared a bit of stuffed milkfish with me. It is a traditional Filipino food eaten on special occasions. It is a long fish that is de-boned and stuffed with a stuffing and cooked in banana leaves. I have never tried anything quite like it before, but it was pretty good!

Following the event, Jen wrote such beautiful words that they brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't help but include them. So honored to have been a part of this celebration!

It will be less than 28 days until our new addition arrives. All I could think of, is to get this pregnancy over and done with (sigh!) it's been 12 long years since my last one and I totally forgot how it felt like. Blissful times did not came easy on this journey, but at this moment, all I'm a feeling is pure excitement much anticipation, love, gratitude, and all the wonderful feel good stuff I can think of.
Brian and I couldn't be grateful enough to our family and friends who organized, participated, and joined us on this wondrous day! Pictures or words were not enough to describe the success and happiness that filled this event! I would like to take this opportunity to let others know that my life is surrounded with good people who did all these things out of love.