5 Tips for a Seamless Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a very popular time to have a wedding, and for many good reasons! The gorgeous natural landscape, colorful foliage and moderate weather can all add to the wedding atmosphere. To make sure your fall wedding is not hindered by common autumn issues that might arise, check out these five tips. 

  1. The day-time might stay warm enough for the guests to wear their wedding attire, but the temperature is sure to drop quite a bit in the evening. Prepare for the guests who haven't dressed to stay warm. Perhaps plan to set bins near the entrance of the reception of inexpensive wraps for the ladies to use. You could also arrange for heat lamps or fire pits to be outside for those guests who want to step outdoors for a bit.

  2. Autumn is known for its damp weather. Be prepared, in case it should rain. Wear heels (and encourage the bridal party to wear heels) that won't sink in soft ground. Consider giving each of your bridesmaids a matching umbrella or patterned umbrella that you would want in your wedding pictures, should they need to be used. Coordinated umbrellas could make for a cute accessory!  

  3. Seasonal flowers that are commonly found in wedding bouquets may not be in season during autumn. Embrace the fall floral that is available - it will save you money and will also keep the autumn theme strong throughout the celebration. Incorporate the beautiful yet unexpected plants like wheat, cotton, crabapples, and ornamental vegetables in the bouquets. 

  4. There are many fall favorites your guests are looking forward to this time of year. Incorporate these seasonal items into your wedding reception for foods that are both tastier and welcomed during the cooler season. Sweets like apple pie, pumpkin pie, and apple cider will not only warm guests up, they will keep guests feeling festive and cozy!

  5. Do your research when selecting an autumn wedding date. There are many holidays during the fall, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Jewish high holidays. Your guests may prefer celebrating on a holiday weekend, or may prefer traveling over a non-holiday weekend. By doing your research, you can schedule your special day accordingly.   

Follow these tips to help plan for your elegant fall wedding. By planning ahead, these common hindrances won't even be a bother for you and your guests! For our brides, autumn weddings have been worth every bit of effort.