RefugeeOne Annual Conference: The Gratz Center

This fall, RefugeeOne hosted its second annual conference for businesses, schools and congregations interested in supporting the work of the organization. The event included plenary sessions, workshops and presentations, time for networking and treats from countries around the world. More than 175 people from 50+ faith communities gathered at the Gratz Center on Michigan Ave to learn more about getting involved.

This organization has been near and dear to my heart for many years because of the powerful work it does. RefugeeOne uses its resources very well (it runs a very lean budget with no waste!) to resettle hundreds of refugees from around the world who are fleeing war, persecution, violence or genocide. The organization provides a comprehensive and multi-faceted range of programs that empower newly-arrived refugees, such as relocating them to homes in the Chicagoland area, teaching English skills, and providing vocational training and counseling in a compassionate, non-threatening environment. All services are provided with a single goal in mind: to provide refugees with self-sufficient new lives within the United States. Interested in the work of the organization or want to find out more about how to provide friendship and/or financial support to a refugee family in Chicago? Click here.


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