Weddings that Make an Impact

Have a cause tugging at your heart strings? Want to use your wedding day as more than a celebration of your love, but also a way to give a little something back to the world? There are a lot of ways to bring the spirit of generosity into your wedding plans.

Donate all the "Things" from the Day
Many couples we work with wonder, “What should I do with all the "things" once the wedding is over?"  At the end of a typical wedding night, there are food and beverage leftovers, favors, floral arrangements, décor, and more that need homes. We vote that you donate it! Have a plan in place before the night of the wedding, or everything will likely just go in the trash. Research if there is a food bank or homeless shelter in your community that can use extra food or cake. A thrift store that supports a good cause can take those two dozen vases and the unopened jars of bubbles. One of my favorite ways to share the beauty of your big day is to donate your centerpieces to hospitals or retirement communities. Random Acts of Flowers is a Chicago-based company that delivers hope and healing to people in our community. 

Interested in donating your items? Dotted Events can also help you find places to donate leftover items after the big day. We offer this service free of charge to any of our wedding planning or event planning clients.


Keep the Day Green
It warms our hearts when couples incorporate efforts to give back to the planet on their big day. We've seen many ways this has been done over the years. A recent couple with whom we worked used compostable bamboo plates and serviceware. Another couple planted a tree during their ceremony and donated another couple of trees in honor of tying the knot.


Pass the Dress On
The dress was stunning. You awed the masses and felt like a princess. But now that the big day is over, what should you do with it? Instead of preserving it and storing it in your closet, consider passing the gown on. One of my favorite local charities is Wish Upon a Wedding, which is a nonprofit organization that grants weddings and vow renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance. 

wedding dress.jpg

Charitable Giving
In lieu of a traditional gift registry, consider inviting your guests to give to a cause that is important to you. A recent couple asked that their guests consider donating to PAWS of Chicago. Another couple donated to a cause on behalf of their guests instead of offering a party favor.


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